SMS Banking

UCB believes in the convenience of Banking. We have come up with SMS Banking Services fulfilling the demand of modern banking trend. Get real-time banking information on your hand set in a fast, secure and economic way through UCB SMS Banking & stay connected with your account at any time.

1. What facilities/features are there under UCB SMS Banking?

There are 2 (two) types of facilities/features under UCB SMS Banking-

  • SMS Alert Facility (SMS Push Services)
  • SMS Enquiry Facility (SMS Pull Services)

Currently we are providing following services under SMS Banking:

SMS Alert Facility (SMS Push Services)

  • Withdrawals from Account through ATM, Cash Counter or EFT.
  • Purchases at Merchant POS with UCB Debit Card.
  • Deposits to the account.
  • Loan Repayment confirmation.
  • Successful or un-successful payment of a cheque issued on the account.
  • Credit Card payment confirmation.
  • Auto Debit confirmation.
  • One Time Password (OTP) & transaction authentication for Internet Banking, online purchases.
  • Request to collect New Debit Card & Cheque Book from branch.
  • Request to activate New Debit Card.
  • Confirmation of the Welcome Pack Account activation.
  • Communication regarding campaigns, promotional offers etc.
  • Information regarding Banking services, fees & charges etc.

SMS Enquiry Facility (SMS Pull Services)

For Transactional Accounts:

  • Account Balance
  • Information of last 03 Transactions

N.B. Facilities under SMS Enquiry will be enhanced soon.

2. How will a customer enroll/register to the UCB SMS Banking Services?

All Retail Current & Savings Accountholders of United Commercial Bank who have valid mobile numbers registered/stored against their respective accounts with UCB are automatically enrolled to the SMS Banking services.

If a customer does not have valid mobile number registered against his/her account with UCB, then the customer must visit a nearest UCB Branch to register his/her mobile number by filling up an SMS Banking application form.

3. How will a customer avail SMS Enquiry Facilities (SMS Pull Services)?

Customer has to send SMS messages (as per following formats) to 26969 from his/her mobile phone number registered with UCB in order to avail SMS Enquiry Facilities.

  • For enquiring present balance of the account, send the following SMS message to 26969:

    UCB<space>BL<space>Last 4 digits of the account number
    UCB<space>BL<space>Account number

    e.g. UCB BL 1234 OR UCB BL 1234567890001234

    System will respond with the available balance of the account.

  • For enquiring last 3 (three) transactions of the account, send the following SMS message to 26969:

    UCB<space>TX<space>Last 4 digits of the account number
    UCB<space>TX<space>Account number

    e.g. UCB TX 1234 OR UCB TX 1234567890001234

    System will respond with a list of immediate previous 3 transactions.

    Please note that the SMS texts are not case sensitive.

4. How will a customer avail SMS Alert Facilities (SMS Push Services)?

Customer automatically will receive SMSs for the services under SMS Alert Facility (mentioned in the box above), if the mobile number of the customer is registered with UCB.

5. What is the Annual Fee for SMS Banking Services?

Annual Fee for SMS Banking Services is BDT 100 + VAT, effective from March 01, 2017.

Important Points regarding UCB SMS Banking Services:

  • The Account holder is solely responsible to stop any misuse of SMS Banking Services and also to maintain the confidentiality of his/her financial information by ensuring safe holding of the mobile phone/connection assigned to SMS Banking Services provided by United Commercial Bank. If the Mobile Phone/Connection is lost, stolen or sold to another individual, the account holder shall immediately notify the Bank and cancel the SMS Banking Services. The Account holder hereby agrees that United Commercial Bank shall not be responsible for any disruption in SMS Banking Services due to any mechanical failure on the part of United Commercial Bank/Mobile Phone Service Providers.

  • SMS Banking Services shall remain effective until otherwise advised in writing by the Account holder.
  • The Bank may revise and/or change any of the Terms & Conditions governing SMS Banking at any time with notice to you but does not require any consent.
  • United Commercial Bank may revise and/or change the Annual Fee for SMS Banking Services at any point of time.

For any query, please Call 16419