Education Loan


For educational purposes.

Customer Segment:

  • Employees of reputed Multinational Companies and large local corporate.
  • Employees of medium sized or mid-range local companies such as reputed schools & colleges, pathology labs, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, newspapers, airlines, real-estate developers of repute, insurance & leasing companies, NGOs, aid agencies, UN bodies, reputed trading firms and business establishments and all other salaried employees including employees of Government, Semi-government & Autonomous bodies.
  • Any tax paying businessmen of repute, any employed / self-employed tax-paying individual having a reliable source of income

Minimum Income:

  • TK .12,000 for salaried individuals and Tk. 25,000 for businessman
  • Tk. 10,000 for employees of Government, Semi government and Autonomous bodies

Minimum Service length:

  • For salaried individual, minimum service length of 2 years
  • Govt. employees must be confirmed on job

Age Limit:

  • Minimum 20 years
  • Maximum age 65 years at the time of loan maturity.

Maximum Term of Loan: 05 Years

Service charges: 1% of loan amount + VAT as per govt.regulations

Early settlement/Partial Payment: Allowed anytime without any charges