Dynamic Benefits Savings Account

A Savings account that offers dynamic features like no other accounts. The more you add to your savings, the more benefits you will earn.

Key Features:

  • Attractive Returns on Savings
  • Free VISA/MasterCard Debit Card*
  • No Account Maintenance Fee**
  • No Upfront Fee
  • Monthly Interest Payment
  • Chequebook facility
  • Open with 50,000 taka

* No Debit Card Fee, if Yearly Average Balance is Tk. 50,000 or above

** Half-Yearly (HY) Account Maintenance Fee: Tk. 300+VAT, if HY Average Balance is below Tk. 50,000 but above Tk. 25,000; Tk. 100+VAT, if HY Average Balance is above Tk. 5,000 to Tk. 25,000

Additional Benefits:

  • Shop conveniently with VISA/MasterCard Debit Card anywhere in the country where accepted
  • Online Banking facility through 177 UCB Branches across the country with the ability to Fund Transfer to any BEFTN member Bank account
  • 24/7 instant access to Savings through any VISA/MasterCard ATM all over the country
  • Excellent Alternative Channel Services
  • SMS Banking facility
  • Free Internet Banking facility
  • 24 hour Call Center @ 16419