More Structured Finance Products / Services

Our Structured Finance segment currently also offers the following ranges of products/services to cater your business needs.

  • Merger & Acquisition
    One size doesn't fit all. Many companies find that the best way to get ahead is to expand ownership boundaries through mergers and acquisitions. For them, we are ready to help you in your business expansion.
  • Private Equity
    Private equity is consisting of operating companies that are not traded on Stock exchange (DSE, CSE).
  • Off Shore Fund Management
    UCB pools offshore funding from expatriates living abroad at the lower cost and provides loan to local entrepreneur for the large infrastructure project at a competitive price.
  • Placement Agent
    We act as an intermediary between those seeking to raise money and various investors who may be interested in investing in the company.
  • Financial Advisor
    UCB renders financial services to individuals, businesses and governments. This can involve investment advice, planning. We help the clients maintain the desired balance of investment income, capital gains, and acceptable level of by using proper asset allocation.
  • Escrow Banking
    Escrow is a way of transferring or exchanging property or money using a neutral third party. Escrows are established to hold original documents, real estate deeds, titles to property, money or securities until conditions are fulfilled and the items are released. An escrow is beneficial to both parties as an independent third party will be holding the documents, processing all regular payments, maintaining an accounting of all transactions and providing the required reporting.