Export & import Finance

Export Finance

  • Pre-shipment Financing:

    This facility is offered to an exporter by way of packing credit to enable him to finance purchase or import of raw materials, processing and packing of the goods meant for exports.

  • Post-shipment Financing:

    Post-shipment Credit is offered to an exporter to finance export sales receivables after the date of shipment of goods till the date of realization of export proceeds.

  • Advances against accepted bills for collection:

    This offering is in the form of a loan provided to the exporter to bridge the working capital gap that exists before the export proceeds are realized. Once the export proceeds are realized the loan is liquidated.

Import Finance

UCB offers post import finance to the importers in the form of Loan against Imported Merchandise (LIM), Loan against Trust Receipt (LTR), and Payment against Documents (PAD).

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