How to Withdraw Cash with Upay?

To withdraw cash from ATM please follow the steps:
A. Generate QR

  • Login to your Upay Wallet.
  • Press “ATM WITHDRAWAL” from Upay menu.
  • Press (+) button to generate QR Code.
  • Insert the followings and continue:
  • Enter Amount.
  • Enter Time Limit for QR code validity.
  • Select Source of Payment.
  • Your QR for ATM Withdrawal is ready and an OTP (valid for 5 minutes) is sent to your mobile.

B. Withdraw from ATM

  • Go to UCB ATM.
  • Generate QR ID (as described in above step).
  • Press “Upay Withdrawal” in ATM Screen.
  • Insert QR ID.
  • Select Fast Cash Amount or Others to Insert Desired Amount (multiple of BDT. 500).
  • Insert the OTP sent to your mobile number (if the OTP doesn’t validate, please click Resend OTP).
  • Collect Cash and receipt.
For details FAQ please Click Here.