How to Register Upay?

Download Upay app from Play Store or App Store & follow the below steps:
Step 1: Click SIGN-UP and complete the KYC by providing the following information.

  • Mobile number
  • Full name (as per NID)
  • DOB (as per NID)
  • NID/Smart Card Number
  • NID/ Smart Card Image (both side)
  • Select Gender
  • Enter Email (optional)
  • uRefer ID (optional)

Step 2: Login to Upay App.
Step 3: Enter OTP which send to your registered mobile number.
Step 4: Accept the terms & condition for using Upay.
Step 5: Enter password
Step 6: Re-enter password
Step 7: Select security questions & set the answers accordingly. Answer is case sensitive.
Step 8: Press Ok
Step 9: In your Upay home dashboard, you will find “Verify”. Click on “Verify” to verify the wallet with Bank accounts.
Step 10: Verify Upay through Bank Account Tagging
In case of UCB bank Account:

  • Put the mobile number (both Upay wallet and UCB account mobile number has to be same)
  • Put the UCB Bank account number and press “Continue”
  • An OTP will be generated. Put the correct OTP in the OTP box.
  • Bank Account Verification and KYC verification will be successful.
  • Mobile no, NID, Name and Date of Birth of Upay wallet and UCB account has to be same.

In case of Other Bank Account:

  • Click “Add Other Bank Account”
  • Click (+) sign to add account
  • Select Bank name from drop down menu
  • Select District
  • Select Branch and press “Continue”.

Upay will sent a random amount in the account through EFTN. This usually take 2-3 working days. Un-verified customer need to enter the exact amount Upay has sent to the provided bank account in the Bank account verification pending step in Upay application and press continue. Verification with Other Bank account will be successful once the un-verified customer provides the correct amount.
Step 11: Your Upay wallet will be activated after successful verification of NID and Bank Account. If user tag UCB account, Upay wallet will be activated instantly.

For details FAQ please Click Here.